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Why a Gondola

Connectivity is a principle that, if applied boldly and with consideration to details, contributes greatly to building cities. 
Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, Prairie Sky President and CEO

The Center

Downtown Edmonton

With a gondola station located downtown that delivers connectivity to current ETS infrastructure the core of our city will be activated in a new way. It will provide a direct connection to the urban economy of Old Strathcona and new choices to those that live, work and play downtown. And the journey from downtown to the recreation opportunities alongside the river in Rossdale will take mere minutes and make it easier for seniors, children, and those with mobility issues to access the river valley. We want everyone to participate in building and enjoying our City.


Edmonton's River Valley Neighbourhood

Rossdale is a special place. A destination gondola station will draw people to the community to share in the vibrant and impactful stories of the area. Many want to live and play here but Rossdale needs a bold catalyst and a low-impact people-moving solution to make it happen. Prairie Sky will stitch Rossdale into the hubs of Downtown and Old Strathcona in a very tangible way. City builders will be empowered.

Prairie Sky is the catalyst.  

Old Strathcona

Edmonton's Heritage District

Old Strathcona and the Whyte Avenue corridor in many ways define the culture of Edmontonians – arts, grassroots commerce, locally-owned small businesses, festivals, markets, patios, creative street activations, live music and an engaged community. With a direct connection to Downtown the excitement that is a constant in Old Strathcona will contribute in very meaningful ways to the rapid growth of Edmonton’s core. The power of this blend of communities cannot be understated. 

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