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What We Have Done & Where We Are Going

March 2018

The urban gondola wins The Edmonton Project initiative.

June 2018

The Edmonton Transit Advisory Board publishes the Urban Gondola Report, supporting the urban gondolas.

September 2018

Working group with stakeholders is formed.

April 2019

Prairie Sky is included on the City’s Urban Planning Committee agenda. SCJ Alliance is retained to publish a third-party Preliminary Economic and Technical Assessment (PETA).

June 2019

12 shareholders incorporate Prairie Sky Gondola Inc.

January 2020

With the PETA complete, and the outcome favourable, the project is again brought to the Urban Planning Committee.

February 2020

A motion is carried by City Council, setting the stage for how Prairie Sky and the City can work together within the parameters of 6 mutually agreed to principles. With this decided, Prairie sky enters Phase Two of project development.

April 2020

​Consultants are retained to advance technical project development:

  • Specialty technical investigations for environmental management, geotechnical engineering and climatic engineering are undertaken.  

  • Concept reports for the mechanical and electrical scope of work within the stations are prepared by Williams Engineering Canada.

  • DIALOG led the team tasked with developing concept station and tower designs overlaid on Dopplemayr’s preliminary technical requirements.

  • EllisDon conducted preliminary constructability, schedule, and budget analysis.

  • Public engagement, including preliminary surveys, letters of support and Prairie Sky Power Plant Tours was initiated.

November 2020

The comprehensive business case is complete which supported further investment by the shareholders.

February 2021

City Council endorses the master agreement framework developed with Prairie Sky. With this decided, Prairie Sky enters Phase Three of project development.

July 2021

PriceWaterhouseCooper (PwC) is retained as financial advisor.

May 2021

Steer Group is selected to review a comprehensive business case and develop ridership projections. Huberman Transportation Consultants is selected to develop a transportation impact assessment and support defining mutually beneficial integration with Edmonton Transit.

November 2021

Huberman Transportation completes Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) and continues to work with the City of Edmonton to define mutually beneficial integration with Edmonton Transit.


This year we are continuing to work on the lease negotiations, rezoning application, and defining mutually beneficial integration with ETS. We will be in front of Executive Committee on Aug 10 seeking conditional approval for our real estate and infrastructure agreement. After this important step, we will start the environmental, geotechnical, archeological, paleontology and heritage impact assessments as well as design and public & indigenous engagement. This would be a thorough process that would take us to 2024 when we go back in front of City Council asking for a review of the research, impact assessments, and feedback from Indigenous people and the general public.


Our hope is to have construction completed in 2026 to welcome everyone to travel and experience the Edmonton gondola.

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