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Welcome to Red Deer, Alberta

We are excited to announce our next urban ropeway project!

The tangible context of the proposed project is summarized by the ropeway alignment, stations, technology choices, operations, maintenance and programming. However, based on analysis completed to date there is a very meaningful tourism and story-telling aspect to this project. The programmatic concepts of the stations and the cabins in addition to the unique aerial trip over the river contribute to a destination caliber offering in the core of Red Deer.

The Alignment

The proposed alignment is approximately 350 meters and goes East/West over the Red Deer River from a station location immediately North-East of the Canada 150 Square in Capstone to the South-West edge of Bower Ponds adjacent to the existing trail network.

Capstone Station

The Capstone station represents a signature development in of itself. The design expression and programming combine to make the station a destination and gathering place not just for those active within the city’s core but for regional, domestic, and international guests. With nearly 30,000 square feet over at least three uniquely orientated floors, guests will have various indoor and outdoor opportunities to enjoy their time in and around the station.

Bower Ponds Station

The station at Bower Ponds is intended to be purely functional with architectural consideration made to its placement in a natural area. A sole attendant will manage guests arriving and departing and there will be no permanent commercial programming; however, the station will likely become a hub within the park.

Please also see the March 29, 2022 press release.

Stay tuned for more information and a full project website.

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