Tuesday, November 8, 2021

More than just a gondola:

a space to gather and connect


A new airborne river crossing will create a community hub for visitors from near and far


Edmonton, AB, November 9, 2021— In an effort to give visitors and Edmontonians alike a new way to experience the city, Prairie Sky Gondola is now officially in development. Having a unique fixture like this in the city will place Edmonton among cities like Barcelona, which has already embraced cable car culture. The picturesque gondola system will not only carry passengers across the river but become a hub of activity for the community. The power plant station alone will not only house a connection to Edmonton’s most beautiful views, but also a casual and fine dining restaurant, a café and a wedding and community event space. This station is designed to share the Indigenous story and will contribute to the city’s goal of reconciliation. 


“The idea for a gondola in Edmonton came from the community — The Edmonton Project,” explains Prairie Sky Gondola CEO Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson. “As we have evolved from those humble beginnings, what might surprise people, is that although this has been seen by the Edmonton community as a transportation project – it’s really not. We aren’t in the transportation business, we’re in the experience business.”


An urban gondola is a ropeway system constructed to transport passengers within a city and create a new way to experience the landscape. Prairie Sky Gondola is a direct connection between Downtown, West Rossdale and Old Strathcona and will attract adventurous Edmontonians and visitors to experience the quality food, drinks and educational experiences that each station has to offer. The project aims to give Edmontonians and visitors a unique way to take in and share the Edmonton experience with family, friends and visitors. 


Prairie Sky Gondola’s ridership projections have been validated by Steer Group, a globally renowned consulting firm. Steer has confirmed that with the lack of competition from other local attractions and the upside with potential ridership, the urban gondola is a commercially viable project. Funded entirely privately, the urban gondola plans to be up and running for the first full year of operations in 2025. 


“The Prairie Sky Gondola project is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our city to cement itself as one of North America’s most livable, fun, and imaginative cities,” says Puneeta McBryan, the Executive Director of the Edmonton Downtown Business Association. “Economically, the gondola will bring tremendous value for Edmonton in the global competition for young talent and for our tourism and hospitality sector to flourish and reach its full potential.”

CEO, Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson is available for interviews upon request. 


About Prairie Sky Gondola

The urban gondola was born from The Edmonton Project — a city-wide brainstorming competition. An independent panel of judges chose the winner, and the business community pledged to move forward with whichever idea won. The urban gondola won The Edmonton Project in March 2018. 


For more information or to schedule an interview, contact: 


Name: Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson

Title: CEO, Prairie Sky Gondola

Phone: 780-722-8729