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Design Concept


The Prairie Sky stations are community hubs. They create new places within Edmonton that are accessible and inviting. Their architecture will be informed by the culture of each community within which they are situated. All buildings will be designed and constructed with energy-efficient materials, standards and controls. With a full 360-degree view, guests will be able to enjoy city and river valley views at every angle imaginable.


The Downtown Station

Located: South of MacDonald Drive near TELUS House and ATB Tower 
Theme: Emergence, Innovation, Urban Vibrancy  
Close to: The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, Edmonton’s Funicular 


Playing off the natural slope of McDougall Hill, the Downtown Station's rooftop plaza will feature benches (and a stunning view) to invite pedestrians and passengers to spend time there. At the lower boarding level, the station will have a cafe, washrooms, gondola control room and station electrical room. It will connect directly into the LRT Central station and bus stop.


Ortona Armoury Station

Located: East of Rossdale Road and north of 97 Ave 
Theme: Transit 
Close to: Ortona Armoury Arts Building 


Acting as a catalyst for transit-oriented development in the West Rossdale area and serving the population on both sides of 97 Ave, the Ortona Armoury Station features boarding on the second level, and a lower-level café, ticket station and community space.


Power Plant Station

Located: East of the historic Rossdale Power Plant 

Theme: Indigenous History, North Saskatchewan River 

Close to: Rossdale Power Plant, North Saskatchewan River and Epcor


The Rossdale Power Plant was designated as a Provincial Historic Resource in 2001 and this area is known to be culturally and archeologically significant, going back 12,000 years. The experience guests will have at this station is meant to share the Indigenous story and be a platform for reconciliation. The station will have a family-friendly casual and fine dinning restaurant, a winter friendly cafe, wedding, conference, and community space. We want this station to be a hub for River Valley users and visitors.


End of Steel Park Station

Located: Saskatchewan Drive and 102 Street

Theme: Transit, past and present 

Close to: Saskatchewan Drive and Richie Mill


The station will preserve the historical significance of the End of Steel Park and the CN rail, incorporating the caboose and tracks next to the station into its design through photography and art. The majority of the station’s space will be allocated to boarding, parking and maintenance bays.


Old Strathcona Station

Located: The south-east corner of the intersection of 83 Avenue and 102 Street
Theme: Where the Arts flourish, and Francophone culture
Close to: Old Strathcona Farm
ers Market and Whyte Avenue 


Old Strathcona and Whyte Avenue is a pedestrian-friendly street on the bike network and public transit. Near this station, parking must be in place for guests and tour buses. The street-level area will incorporate hardscaping, bike racks and seating for pedestrians and tourists to enjoy, the second level will be dedicated to boarding and necessary controls, and the third level will display the upper gondola machinery amidst a restaurant. The second and third levels are proposed to cantilever over the sidewalk to highlight the separation between the gondola system and the commercial space below. The public concourse will be safe and publicly accessible 24/7 and bike friendly.


All cabins can hold up to 10 adults and several bicycles.


The design will be slick, modern and with transparency in mind.


The seats can fold up to to accommodate mobility aids, wheelchairs, bicycles, strollers, skis, etc. 

Cabins will be heated in the Winter and air conditioned in the Summer.


The windows will be operable to provide airflow, with screens to prevent debris from leaving the cabin.


For security, each cabin will be equipped with guard rails and two-way intercom communication between the cabins and the stations.


There will also be an infotainment system to provide media, marketing and educational information to guests, including safety and security best practices.


A select few cabins will have a glass bottom that guests can opt to ride.

Cabins energy needs will be entirely met by individual solar panels.

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